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SmartStart & 641 Controller-5 Drives

Jacqueline Stinson
Occasional Contributor

SmartStart & 641 Controller-5 Drives

Would like to mirror 1st 2 drives and install OS.
Then Raid the other 3. How do I do that in Smart Start?
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: SmartStart & 641 Controller-5 Drives

Boot the SmartStart CD and choose (I think) 'maintain server'. Then select the ACU (array configuration utility).

You create a so-called disk drive array first - that is just a 'collection of disks'. Choose the disks you intend to mirror. Then put a so-called logical disk into that disk array and select the desired RAID-level.

Repeat it with 3 disks and create a RAID-5 logical disks.

It looks a bit complicate to create a disk drive array first, but this is a 'feature', because you can put multiple logical disks with different RAID-levels onto a single set of disk drives.