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Solaris 9 with LP 1000 HBA

William MacDonald
Occasional Contributor

Solaris 9 with LP 1000 HBA

If I have a host zoned into e.g. FED 1B/ BED 2B and the port speed is 4GB/s. What happens if I zone in a LP1000 HBA that only runs at 2GB/s? I check the port speed and it remains at 4GB/s.
Shouldn't the port speed drop to 2GB/s?
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Solaris 9 with LP 1000 HBA

No, of course not.
Each FC link negotiates its own speed.
Frames are buffed in the switch(es) and there is a credit-based flow control on each individual link.