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Solaris8 single hba with EVA3000

Regular Advisor

Solaris8 single hba with EVA3000


I am wondering if i can attach a SunFireV480 (Solaris 8) connected to an EVA3000 without Secure Path software.
When i install the FCA2257p driver and the platform kit, the package installer notifies me that secure path should be installed before booting.
The installation guide claims :
Note: Before you restart the server, install Secure Path for Sun Solaris, which is
required for recognition and configuration of the virtual disks. Please check
http://www.hp.com/country/us/eng/support.html for the latest instructions regarding
Secure Path for Sun Solaris.

Any help is greatly appreciated !


Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: Solaris8 single hba with EVA3000

On page 11 of the "Sun Solaris Platform Kit for EVA" release notes, it states:

Note: Single path mode should not be used in mission critical environments. To configure Sun
Solaris in single path mode, you must use the HSG80 Solution Software Version 8.7a for Sun Solaris
solution kit.

Get it here:


Good luck,

No matter where you go, there you are.
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Re: Solaris8 single hba with EVA3000


Thanks for your reply.
So basically you are saying i should install the hsg80 platform kit on the solaris machine to get the single hba config running attached to an EVA ?
I read the passage you refer to but i was not sure of the context.

I will try it ..


Regular Advisor

Re: Solaris8 single hba with EVA3000


I have installed the hsg platform kit (following the release notes instructions) on my Sun Fire 480, still no luck.
So the HSV platform kit does not work, hsg platfom is also a no go.
driver version is 4.11, hba firmware 3.1.2 (Fcode 2.00.5 (as all my systems run this driver level)
EVA VCS is v3.10, switches run at v3.1.2.
The system is fully patched, the qlogic has logged in at the switch port.
I have zoned the qlogic with only the TOP controller FP1 port.
I have 120 presented to the host from Command View EVA.
The Solaris system will not see the Vdisk storage.

Is there Anyone who has single path Solaris systems attached to an EVA3000 and can help ?

Thank you,

David Tapper_1
Valued Contributor

Re: Solaris8 single hba with EVA3000


Did you solve the problem?