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Speed-difference on 4986-63008 and 5183-1657 terminators?

Thomas Greig
Regular Advisor

Speed-difference on 4986-63008 and 5183-1657 terminators?

We have two HP DiskSystem 2100's on different locations. After having problems with one of them we discovered that we used the wrong type of Terminator (used a Part.No: 5063-5324 (the problem was mainly caused by a slow cd-rom on the same bus..).

After changing the terminator installed with a term. Part.No: 5183-2657 that was suggested from HP, the speed doubled on the disks (partly because of the slow cd-rom was removed)).

On our other DiskSystem 2100 we have a terminator with PartNo: A4986-63008 Wide-SE SCSI / Wide-LVD Scsi terminator.

Would we gain any more speed on the diskssystem by changing to the other type of terminator (4986-63008)?

Thomas Greig


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