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Sql Online Restore

Abdulkadir Culfa
Occasional Contributor

Sql Online Restore

We're good at backing our data up but have problems when restoring.. :)

I tried to restore an online backup to original place and to another client.

But Omniback Manager gives a warning like below, and doesn't restore any file or DB. But displays that restore was successful.

[Warning] From: OB2BAR@util-server.ticket.com.tr "> Error number: " Time: 28.04.2004 10:20:05
Error has occurred while executing a SQL statement.
Error message: '
Once this morning I could restore the DB to original place, then dropped some tables just for testing,and tried to restore again. But the warning continues...

My questions are;
What should I take care when restoring online backup?
Is online backup enough to restore DB to any location?Should I take offline file backup?
What's wrong with the above problem?What does warning mean?