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Starting KZPCC agent

Derk Korevaar
Occasional Advisor

Starting KZPCC agent


When I am trying to start the graphical interface KZPCCconfig, it tells me the kzpcc agent is stopped (although it is running). When I stop the agent using '/sbin/init.d/KZPCCagentsh stop' and start the agent using the 'Start Agent' button in the configuration utility, the agent process will be running, but the config utility tells me 'Agent library version does not match with utility library version 4.4' and it keeps displaying 'Agent status stopped'

We are running Tru64 V4.0G Servicepack 4. What version conflict is the config utility talking about?

Thanks for any help,

Derk Korevaar.
Matt Palmer_2
Respected Contributor

Re: Starting KZPCC agent

does setld bring up any info on if there is more than 1 version of SWCC KZPCCagent installed on the host box. This has happened to me before, and the resolution was for me to remove both versions and then reinstall the KZPCCagent fully. Make sure that the existing agent is stopped before you uninstall, - if this is the choice you make.

I got some great help from Micheal Schulte in the forum. Maybe if he reads this he can give you some pointers.