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Storage disk startup sequence

Rodrigo Fernandes_2
Occasional Visitor

Storage disk startup sequence

Hello everyone.

I'm using an HP cluster. In device manager on any node, it reports the disks in the storage as being "caught" first than those in the local server.

So, when I should see the configuration:
Local server disks
disk0 - c:
disk1 - p:
Storage disks
disk2 - l:
disk3 - y:
disk4 - h:
disk5 - q:

I see it upside down:
Storage disks
disk0 - q:
disk1 - h:
disk2 - y:
disk3 - l:
Local disks
disk4 - c:
disk5 - p:

Checking boot.ini and active disk partition (diskpart), seem like they are ok. No errors being entered in event log.

I've also checked my bus channels, which are configured like this:
Info on lightpulse HBA (as seen on Device Manager >> Properties):
PCI Slot 3 (PCI bus 6, device 1, function 0)

Raid controller info (Smart Array 5i; as seen on Device Manager >> Properties):
PCI bus 1, device 1, function 0

Just wanted to know what may have caused the inversion. How could my server be checking the storage drives first?

I've heard that the high availability kit, i.e. dual HBAs and securepath may have something to do with cause it messes up with the disk numbers and signatures making it really hard to get the cluster to come up after a restore.

Is this true? How can I solve this?

Thx in advance
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Storage disk startup sequence

Yes, there was an explanation here on ITRC a few weeks ago, but I didn't save a pinter to the thread, sorry. This is a non-problem (or a cosmetic one at best) and, honestly, I would not try to 'fix' it. There is a certain risk that you can render your system unbootable.