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StorageWorks Command View - XP512

Paul Anctil
Occasional Visitor

StorageWorks Command View - XP512

Hi. I am a new user to StorageWorks Command View and I am having a major problem trying to build a LUN group.

I first deleted a bunch of LUNs from ports CL1B and CL2B. Next, I added all of these LUNs to ports CL1C and CL2C. With these LUNs now available to 1C and 2C, I attempted to build a LUN group. When I clicked OK, I got an error dialog that stated ???WWN group number not registered was specified. (at the time of deletion or change)???. I cannot find any manual with error messages in it. I have no idea what this is trying to tell us. Can anyone shed some light on this?
Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: StorageWorks Command View - XP512


Building LUN Groups is related to Secure Manager XP (SM). SM is used to selectively present LUNS to hosts, which are represented either by HBA WWN or Node WWN.
To ease management you can group WWNs and LUNs.

Read about in the Command View XP Manual starting on page 44 ff and go to page 145 ff


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