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StorageWorks DS 2100 problem

Honored Contributor

StorageWorks DS 2100 problem

Hi Guys,

I am facing a peculier problem with the system having L2000-44 connected to HP Disksystem 2110 ( A5675AD ) having 4 disks each of 36GB capacity.Recently we had a disk failure ( ID -2 ) in the 2110 box. Hence we got a new disk
(36GB LVD-SE 10K 320 Ultra-Wide SCSI ) , but it is not getting configured with LVM. If I do pvcreate on the disk, it says unable to write LVM record on the DISK, I/O error. I can see in the syslog that there is huge error being generated saying Resetting SCSI, Unhandled interrupt for that new disk ( c4t2d0 ) It keep on giving this error for couple of time before giving I/O error. Can anyone put more light on this issue and tell me what following error indicates?

lsp->state: 5
lbp->owner: 0000000000000000
scratch_lsp: 0000000042e0de00
script dump [000000004402d000]
0900dc00 00038000 e25c0004 f97ef7f4
80080000 f97ef090 80080000 f97ef090
SCSI: Resetting SCSI -- lbolt:42248, bus: 4
SCSI: Reset detected -- lbot: 42228, bus: 4
SCSI: Unhandled Interrupt -- lbolt:42749 , dev: 1f04200
lbp-> state: 2060
lbp-> offset: ffffffff
lbp->uPhysScript: f97ef000
ISTAT: 0a , SIST0: 18, SIST1:00 DSTAT: 80, DSPS: 000a8000

The 2110 is connected through SCSI-LVD controller ( 160 ) and is cascaded to a HP DAT drive and terminated. I removed LVM configuration from the OS pertaining to the vg of that disk ( we have one vg for each pv )and ran vgscan by disconnecting that disk from the slot to have fresh LVM configuration.But is gives that huge message!!!!!

The other 3 disk are of same type and configured with LVM and working normal...
Is it issue with the SCSI slot no.2 in the 2110?? How do i make out the cause from the above error?????...

The system logs says that two disk had been failed in the same slot..!!!!!!
I am suspecting the problem with slot, mid-assembly or Bus controller card ( BCC )
Any light on these who have faced probelm wih DS 2100 Chassis?????

Waiting for quick replies....



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Devender Khatana
Honored Contributor

Re: StorageWorks DS 2100 problem

Hi Sameer,

It sounds like the new disk what you have put is faulty. Just get this checked in some other system if available or get this replaced.

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Bernhard Mueller
Honored Contributor

Re: StorageWorks DS 2100 problem


I share your suspicions, my recommendation would be:
halt the system
remove disk from suspicuous slot
*unplug all power from DS and system*
plug in power for DS
plug in power for system
check if everything is running without errors

if yes, vgexport one of the vgs
power down, swap the disk of the exported vg into the suspicous slot
power up, and vgimport the vg with that disk in that slot
check if you get errors,

if not power down
put the new disk into the free slot (of the swapped out disk)
power up, and create a vg on the new disk in the previously working slot

that should help you finding the root cause.

Honored Contributor

Re: StorageWorks DS 2100 problem

Bernhard , thanks for your advise. In fact I have little different type of plan to know the root cause of the issue.

As far the hostory of disk failures ( 2 ) in that slot , I would be testing the new disk in the working slot. I need to deactivate one vg and doing vgexport. Then I can put the new disk there and can test it with dd first ( currently my dd also goes into loop in the suspected slot ) and then vgimport next. If it works , then disk is fine , slot is the culprit..

I gonna open the DS as well to inspect the slot , mid-plane assembly and BCC ...
If the problem is with slot, then I guess i need to get it replaced..
Will post the result after the activity....

Honored Contributor

Re: StorageWorks DS 2100 problem

I did check the disks in another slot by running dd and diskinfo. They are working normal which makes the slot as a culprit....

I opened the DS 2100 box and noted the part number of the controller board. I wonder why am not getting the part number and its details ( only board ) at HP Parts sites?????
Power supply and fans are working normal...

Honored Contributor

Re: StorageWorks DS 2100 problem