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StorageWorks MSA20 - It is not detected!

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StorageWorks MSA20 - It is not detected!

Hello community,


I just bought an HP StoareWorks MSA20 for our storage needs. I also bought an LSI Logic 320-2E (DELL TD977) with 2 VHDCI interfaces. So I connected them but MSA20 is not detected!

When I access  the bios of the LSI controller it says that an unknown device is connected but that's it! Nothing more!

I am using CentOS 5.3 on the server and the motherboard is an OEM motherboard with one PCIE interface.

I tried to configure the MSA20 with all the given sotware in the HP site. Also I tried to make a firmware update with no luck. All the tools inform me that no controllers detected!


Am I doing anything wrong? I there a posibility that the the MSA20 is not operating with the rest configuration?


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Johan Guldmyr
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Re: StorageWorks MSA20 - It is not detected!

Hello gargalatas(aray?).

For an MSA20 you need a Smart Array controller to manage and connect to the disks. There was a similar post like this perhaps just a week ago.

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Re: StorageWorks MSA20 - It is not detected!

The MSA20 works only if connected to a smartarray controller - a normal scsi controller doesn't work.

Hope this helps!

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