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Storageworks 4314R Enclosure Management

Jason Cecchin

Storageworks 4314R Enclosure Management

I have a Compaq Storageworks 4314R Enclosure attached to a Compaq Smart Array 5304 RAID controller running in a non-HP server (similar specs to a DL385).

I have been able to define the logical volumes and install WIndows 2003 Server on the system disks (mirrored volume) in the server with no problem and its all working great.

I have downloaded and installed both the "Array Configuration Utility V7.5" and the "Array Diagnostic Utility V7.5" and I can manage and report on the volumes attached to the RAID controller (both in the server and the enclosure).

My problem is I want to be able to monitor the disk fail events and the environmental conditions of the 4314R enclosure.

I checked out the quickspecs for the 4314 enclosure and it supports both "Compaq StorageWorks Command Console" and "HP Systems Insight Manager".

After much searching I was able to find and download a version 2.1 of the SWCC but it could not even see the enclosure. Since it appeared to be pre 2000 dated I assume its either too old or won't work under Windows Server 2003. I think 2.5 is the latest version but I couldn't find a place to download that.

I then download and installed (after removing SWCC) the lastest version of Systems Insight Manager. Although it looked good I was unable to find even where the module was to manage storage enclosures is. (I am wondering if it didn't install properly or if I need some option pack??) I tried reading up on the doco but that didn't seem to help much either.

What I am wondering is what software I need to be able to monitor the environment of the 4314R via its EMU and trigger events(eg. Event Log Entried and emails) when things happen?
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Re: Storageworks 4314R Enclosure Management

Download Compaq StorageWorks Command Console software for 4314R