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Stripe and Mirror?

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Stripe and Mirror?

We have an ML530 server with a 5304 controller running a stripe across 6 x 18.2GB drives. The server is being replaced with an ML570 with a 5302 controller (we may be swapping the 5302 out for our 5304 since it has the extra ports and memory) and 6 x 18.2GB drives.

We're trying to determine the easiest way to replicate our entire system to the new server.

Is it possible, since the new system has dual drive cages, to install all twelve drives and create a mirror between them, to replicate our system, then break the mirror...leaving the 6 new drives in the new system?

Or, would I be better off using something like PowerQuest Server Magic (which we already own) to duplicate the partitions to the new drives?

Will I even be able to move our drives over to the new server without losing data? I've never tried moving a configure RAID array to a new system before.

We do have a full backup on DLT (created with BackupExec), but Windows 2000 locks a handful of files so I fear we may not have a stable system if we restore the entire system from tape.

Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

Forrest Egan