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Subject: RAID1 expansion on NetRAID 1Si

Ilya Kaushansky
Occasional Visitor

Subject: RAID1 expansion on NetRAID 1Si


i want to expand size of my storage and have some trouble understanding how it should be done.
The configuration is
HP Netserver LPr, which contains
HP NetRAID-1Si SCSI adapter, thar runs
RAID1 logical disk on two 18GB HDDs
Plus i have two 36GB HDDs i want to use in this server.
The server is running Windows 2000 Server, but i don't think it's relevant.

Is it correct i can simply unplug one of the present (18GB) HDDs, insert a new one, wait until the mirror is rebuilt, and then do the same with the second HDD?
Should i do anything else and so on? Since it's a production server can i do it online or i should shut down the OS and do it from SCSI Utility? How long it may take?

Any clues and hints on the subject you can give to be will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
Marco Hogeveen
Honored Contributor

Re: Subject: RAID1 expansion on NetRAID 1Si


Yes, that's the way to do it. It can be done online with Netraid Assistant or offline with Netraid Express Tools (Ctrl-M during POST).

After the 2nd rebuild has finished you have room to create an extra logical drive on your RAID1-array.

I think the rebuild will take about 1 hour per disk, depending on the speed setting of your SCSI channel (ULTRA2).

Don't forget to make a backup first!

Good luck,
David Holbrook
Regular Advisor

Re: Subject: RAID1 expansion on NetRAID 1Si

A word of caution: When raid arrays rebuild, the disk the rebuild occurs from can affect the ability to recover after a reboot. BE SURE YOU MAKE A BOOT DISK before you start, and make one that will boot to the second drive,not to the C: drive (Change the boot.ini files to point to the second drive for the boot). ALWAYS TRY THE BOOT DISK OUT TO BE SURE IT WORKS CORRECTLY BEFORE YOU START MESSING WITH THE DRIVE CONFIGURATION! Also, if this system was upgraded from NT to WIN2000, you have another issue to contend with, especially if the NT setup was using Raid 1 before it was upgraded, since an upgraded RAID 1 and an original Win2000 Raid 1 are totally different. HTH David
Ilya Kaushansky
Occasional Visitor

Re: Subject: RAID1 expansion on NetRAID 1Si

i'm afraid i don't understand your point. Why should i want to change OS configuration?
As far as i understand changes take place on hardware level and the only change i will see in OS is free 18Gb in disk manager.