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Sun Cluster 3.0 support on XP512

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Sun Cluster 3.0 support on XP512


I have Xp512 Storage subsystem with five raid Groups.Newly we bought Sun Solaris Servers with cluster 3.0.Does XP512 supports Solaris Cluster server 3.0 or we need to look at alternatives like Veritas Clustering Software.Suggestions on this will be apperciated.


Xin Chen_1
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Re: Sun Cluster 3.0 support on XP512


Currently, for Diaster Recovery, XP512/48 only supports Solaris with VCS 1.12, 1.13 and 2.0.
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Re: Sun Cluster 3.0 support on XP512

Does it mean the Sun Cluster 3.0 is supported as a local cluster?
Vincent Fleming
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Re: Sun Cluster 3.0 support on XP512

As I recall, the problem with the Sun Cluster software is that it requires a quorum disk that is of Sun manufacture (ie: identifies itself as a Sun product when a SCSI Inquiry is sent). Since the XP is an HP product, it cannot be used as a quorum disk.

In cases like this, support is difficult - hence the support for Veritas.

From what I hear the Veritas work better anyway.

Good luck!
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