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SureStore 2100 and MC/ServiceGuard

Chris Burkart_1
Occasional Contributor

SureStore 2100 and MC/ServiceGuard

I have read in this forum that MC/ServiceGuard doesn't support the use of SureStore 2100s. I have also read that it will work, just not with a self-terminating cable. Can someone verify this information? What cable (part number) will work and how do I terminate? If I do use a 2100 will HP support me?

Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: SureStore 2100 and MC/ServiceGuard

You can get it to work using standard cabling (non-terminated), but you'll get no support for it. There are too many problems with such configurations.
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Trevor Roddam_1
Valued Contributor

Re: SureStore 2100 and MC/ServiceGuard

The DS2100 will work; but I wouldn't use it.

Cable it in a similar way to an HASS.

Hp will not support this config as the DS2100 doesn't have dula power supply. Lose the power supply and the array is offline. Not good for clusters.

Try a DS2300 or SC10. The later is a little long in the tooth and will soon be, if not already, obsolete.

I personally wouldn't use the DS2100 for dual system access because of its power limitation in HA systems.

If you have some money try VA7X00.
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Insu Kim
Honored Contributor

Re: SureStore 2100 and MC/ServiceGuard

Hello Chris,

The main idea is that you have to place a support call to RC for advice before you deploy the multi-initiator configurations with In-line terminator cables.

To the conclusion, it's not a supported configuration by HP using the DS2100 multi-initiator configurations with In-line terminator cables.
Just use standard SCSI cable not In-Line Terminator cable.

All you have to do is either to replace the In-Line Terminator (ILT) Cables with Standard SCSI cables of comparable length or get help from RC.

Hope this helps,
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