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SureStore E Disk Array 12H

Jeffrey F. Goldsmith
Super Advisor

SureStore E Disk Array 12H

In my SureStore I currently have 8 9.1GB hard drives. I purchased 2 18.2GB hard drives a couple of weeks ago and have installed them into my SureStore.

What do I need to do now?

The surestore has been setup as LUN0 and is 42GB in size. I purchased the 2 18.2GB hard drives to gain some more space but I am unsure of how to get the disk space into use.
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Re: SureStore E Disk Array 12H

Hi Jeff,

Take a look at this thread,


Hope this helps.

A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: SureStore E Disk Array 12H

Hi Jeff:

Bear in mind you are only going to get at most about 25GB or so from these two drives. Your AutoRAID has to enough room to cover the loss of the largest single disk. In your case 18GB. The good news is that the previously reserved space was 9GB so you get that back. You really need to add another pair of disks to see large improvements. In any event, you need to use the arraycfg command to create a new LUN. You cannot expand an existing one. You then do a pcvreate on that new LUN. You then do a vgextend to add this LUN to a volume group. You can then do an lvextends to extend a logfical volume followed by an extendfs. You man man each of these commands for details. The easist method is to use SAM->Disks & Filesystems. It can do all of these operations for you. This will be especially easy if you have OnlineJFS because the filesystem expansion can be done Online.

SAM->Disks & FileSystems -> Disk Devices
Locate the AutoRAID Disk Controller and hilite it.
Actions -> Disk Array Maintenance -> Bind LUN

This will create a LUN of any desired size.

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