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SureStore HD 4000 and DLT 80e

John Harrington_2
Occasional Visitor

SureStore HD 4000 and DLT 80e

Our SureStore HD 4000 has been working almost flawlessly since we got it. We
had been backing it up over the network, but decided to buy the DLT 80e (as
specified in the owner's manual) to be its dedicated backup solution.

When connected and powered on, the SureStore 4000 gets as far as displaying
"Mounting File System" and goes no further. There is intermitent activity (at
least the light above the display indicates there is) but it stays in that
state permanently. (I left it like that overnight and it still says that.)

Disconnecting the tape drive restores functionality. I've triple-checked the
SCSI connections, the SCSI ID (5, as specified in the tape drive instructions),
I've reverted back to its original firmware version, I power it up in the order
indicated, yet we hang on mounting the file system and can't access the Admin
Program from the web-based GUI. I've replaced the configuration a few times
(reloaded the IP, etc.) to no avail.

I really need to get this off my list because it's been more than 24 hours
since the last backup. Any suggestions or workarounds?

I'm anxious for a reply!

John Harrington (jharrington@ppc.com)
Eric De lange_3
Occasional Advisor

Re: SureStore HD 4000 and DLT 80e

Hi John,

So, if the DLT is hooked up but NOT powered on, does the filesystem mount ? Are
you using the SCSI terminator of the HD4000 or the one supplied with the DLT80e
? You might want to consider trying the other terminator.

Also, if possible, you could try another cable or, test the DLT (with cable) on
a server system. In that way you can exclude them from the equation.

If all fails you could call HP support.

Hope this helps,