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Surestore C2247 Drive Type Help

Daniel Fernandez
Occasional Visitor

Surestore C2247 Drive Type Help

Is it single ended or wide differential?
It has a 50 pin connector.
The label says:
Model: C2247
Options: 001 300
Serial: xxxxxxxxxx
More numbers on the second label:
C2247 001 300 77 3237 E11
0KGGK K 9151 HTZ28BA420



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Robert Bean

Re: Surestore C2247 Drive Type Help

What is the product that you have? HP part numbers hace a letter at the begining & the end of them, example C1234A. Is it a tape drive, disc array.... we need a bit more information.
Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: Surestore C2247 Drive Type Help


Try this to get you started:


The following forum thread has some useful information:


Unfortunately, neither of those gave me what I felt was a definitive answer to your question. The following non-HP web page (http://theref.aquascape.com/hard_drives/mh_hewlett-packard.html)
lists the C2247 with the following three suffixes, (-001, -002, and -012) and shows the -002 is a differential drive and the -012 is a wide differential drive and by implication, that the -001 is a single-ended drive. Based on the label on your drive (C2247 001 300 77 3237 E11
0KGGK K 9151 HTZ28BA420), I'm inclined to think your drive is a -001 and therefore single-ended.

Hope this helps.

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