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Swap SmartArrays

Occasional Advisor

Swap SmartArrays

I have a DL380 G2 server that has a SmartArray 5300 and a SmartArray 5i. Currently, all drivers are connected to the 5300. However, I want to remove the 5300 and connect all drives to the 5i. How can I do this without losing container information and the data on the drives?

Thanks for the help.

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Swap SmartArrays

It is my understanding that you must power down first before you are allowed to do the drive roaming. If you pull the disk(s) while the system is up, it beleives they have failed.

After power down you can move all arrays to the new controller. Make sure that it does not result in more than 32 logical disks on the destination controller.

I would still do a backup of the whole system before laying my hands on it.