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Swap internal SCSI with SA 5300 on existing server

Troy Bruder_1
Occasional Contributor

Swap internal SCSI with SA 5300 on existing server

I have a Windows 2003 server up and running on two 72GB drives.... The drives
are configured in a Windows hardware mirror using the embedded SCSI
controller (HP Proliant ML350 server).

I now want to use a dedicated Smart Array Controller (5300) to drive these
drives... I'm wondering how/if I could attach these drives to the new
controller, create a hardware Raid 1 Array, and NOT loose any of the
existing data... In other words, can I do this without having to rebuild
the server.

My general plan is this:

1. Install the SA 5300, and load the drivers
2. Full system backup
3. Break the software mirror
4. Smart Start the system, and configure the new SA 5300 and setup the hardware mirror
5. Install Windows 2003 baseline
6. Full restore

Any ideas if this will work?