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TC4100 random "predictive" drive failure

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TC4100 random "predictive" drive failure

Our customer has a TC 4100 running a 3 drive RAID 5 array. The drives a recently new, months ago, and was fine. Then the 3rd drive in the array was marked by the controller as "failing". The drive was rebuilt, worked fine for awhile and again was mark such.
The drive was removed and reseated, same result. The drive was replaced, same result. The drive was moved to another slot, this time the 3rd drive in not marked, but the second drive is marked as "failing" after a few days.

Any thoughts? Can the predictive failure warnings be shut off, for the drives are obviously not failing? Backplane problems? cables? what?
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Nguyen Anh Tien
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Re: TC4100 random "predictive" drive failure

wow. It seem RAID controller card has problem-- Just a guess. Can you access toptool on this server? pls put log file on this topic.
then choose Configuration tab-> choose
HP is simple