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Target 28696A & C5447A Array on 11i doesn't work

Francisco Pardillo Mart
Occasional Contributor

Target 28696A & C5447A Array on 11i doesn't work


We have a problem , our system (9000/898/K370 B.11.11) with the target: 28696A and drivers : scsi3, scsi1, disc3, stape, doesn't recognize our Array C5447A. When we had HPUX 11.00 this worked fine, but now, with 11i, it doesn??t. The ioscan output, and swlist is on the attachment file.

The connection is good, (we have probed with new cables)

Does someone know if there is a patch for this?


Where can i found a list of compatible HW for C5447A Array?

Thanks in advice.
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Target 28696A & C5447A Array on 11i doesn't work

Your AutoRAID 12H (C5447A) will certainly work with a 28696A FWD SCSI controller. The NO_HW is an indication that the 12H is not detected.

1) Is the AutoRAID displaying "Ready" ?
2) Are you certain that the SCSI bus is properly terminated? Have you checked that the terminator resistor packs are in place on the 29696A?
3) Is the "Term Pwr" LED ON on the 28696A? If not, the Term Pwr fuse (located on the controller) is probably blown.

You shouldn't need any patches.
If it ain't broke, I can fix that.