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To cache or not

Gary Sawyer
Occasional Contributor

To cache or not

I buy DL380's and always put a 6402 controller in and turn on caching.
Is there still need to use a caching controller, can i just put more ram in the server ?

Does anyone know of any good resources that will tell me why i need a caching controller appossed to a non-caching controller. Or why i should not just use the 6i on-board controller.

Any advice appreciated.
Stephen Kebbell
Honored Contributor

Re: To cache or not

Hi Gary,

the 6i controller already has 64MB of read cache. You can get a 128MB Battery Backed Write Cache enabler option for the 6i, which will enable the 6i to do write-caching as well, and give you 192MB total cache memory.
The 6400 controllers can take more cache (up to 256MB), but do you really need that much for internal disks?
You can also hang an MSA30 on the external SCSI port of the DL380 which would also be controlled by the 6i.