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To ugrade the disks on VA7100 storage

Narendra Uttekar
Regular Advisor

To ugrade the disks on VA7100 storage

We have 3 VA7100 storage array all array has 15*36 GB disk. And all these arrays are connected to single HP-UX host. All arrays are dual controller. Now we want to upgrade the disks on 2 VA7100 array i.e. 15*73GB disk. I have allocated 6 LUN’s each from VA7100 array. And all this LUN’s are used for Oracle data files i.e. 64GB of file system each. And the oracle database is a physical standby database i.e. DR database. And all the arrays are RAID5. And also we have received other VA7100 array of 15*73GB disk.

Now I am planning to upgrade the disk as below, and also I need to do this activity remotely. Just for connecting the FC cables and replacing the disks the Onsite person will do that.

1. As all the arrays are dual controller, I will remove the one FC cable connected to one of the Array controller and connect to other New Array VA7100 i.e. 4th Array of 15*73GB disk. And still I can access that array (one which FC cable was removed) through alternate path. The question now is when I will remove the FC cable and when I run the ioscan –fnC disk command the one FC cables which has disconnected will show me the output as NO_HW or unclaimed disk device files correct?

2. And then I will do vgreduce for the alternate path disk device files to be removed.

3. And now I will connect the removed FC cable to new Array i.e. 4th Array and allocate the new LUN’s to the Host.

4. And now I will create the file system on new array.

5. As new array has twice the capacity (15*73GB) of old array capacity (15*36GB). I will copy all the file system from both the Arrays i.e. (15*36GB) to this bigger capacity array i.e. (15*73GB).

6. Once the copy is over I will unmount the old file system on both the arrays and mount the new file system on new array and start the DR database.

7. And then I will unplug the second FC cable from the same array from which I have already removed the one FC cable. And then again I will do the vgreduce to remove the disk device file for that old array. And on this old array later I can replace the disk to 73GB and used this array for other purpose i.e. will connect that old array to other HP-UX host.

8. And then I will connect the second FC cable to new array for alternate path.

9. And on one of the old array i.e. 15*36 GB disk I will remove the LUN’s on that array. And then replace the disks with 73GB capacity. And then I will create the LUN’s as required. And the question is once I replace the disk with higher capacity i.e. 73GB the Array will automatically recognize the new disks? And also it is easy to replace the disk or do I need to open the case with HP for replacing the disks.

Please let me know whether my plan will work or does any change is required please let me know? As I don’t want directly to replace the disk on 2 arrays and then create the LUN’s and file system and then restore the database from tape backup. When I can make use of the other array i.e. 4th array of 15*73GB.