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Turing off writeback cache on HSG80

Glenn Tice
Occasional Contributor

Turing off writeback cache on HSG80

We have a HSG80 (V86F-1) based array with a single controller and cache. I'm concerned that a controller/cache/ECB failure will result in data loss. If I turn off writeback caching (set d0 nowriteback_cache), will this ensure data integrity if the cache fails?
I presume that the host will only be informed that the write is sucessful when it is physically written.
Mark Poeschl_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Turing off writeback cache on HSG80

Correct - if you disable writeback cache a failure will not compromise data integrity and the host is only informed of a completed write when the data's safely on disk. Of course this can also incur a substantial performance penalty.

FYI - your firmware is seriously out of rev as far as patches go. I think HP is up to patch #13 for ACS 8.6.