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Ultra wide scsi 3 bay cage?

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Ben Deemer
Trusted Contributor

Ultra wide scsi 3 bay cage?

3 bay ultra wide disk slots, with interface board, appears scsiII/ultra wide choice..
Identifying numbers:
on circuit board - hp 5182 - 9437 (nt9712)
on bar code tag - s3200ha194781

Information is needed to configure the dip switch (labeled 7a on board) of the unit to a different computer.

Also needed are the mounting slides (6) for the drives..but I can make these..

It with be installed in an Alpha based NT work station, or an Amiga 4000T video toaster setup.
Serviceguard for Linux
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Re: Ultra wide scsi 3 bay cage?

5182-9437 looks to be the Internal Hotswap Drive Cage for Netserver LH Pro. You may want to search on Google and on teh HP website for the manuals for this server.