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Unable to access LUN's on FC30

Shailesh Kumar.P
Occasional Advisor

Unable to access LUN's on FC30

Hi friends,

I have a FC30 Diskarry with dual controller connected to a D370 server running HPUX 11.x.
Now there is an error on the console of both SP's (Storage Processor) "BBU FAILED" and "DISKARRAY OFFLINE"

I understand that Battery Backup Unit has ran out of life.
I can see the configured LUN's from the console of both SP's but But i am unable access any of the LUN's from server.

any information please....

Thanks in advance


Honored Contributor

Re: Unable to access LUN's on FC30

The BBU has a 3 year life span, but it should not affect the access to the lun.
The caching will just be disabled.
Probably what happened was a shutdown requiring BBU usage that
just tipped the BBU into failure..
Make sure from Gridmanager (RS232 9600baud
vt100) that nothing else failed... try rebooting the
two SPs from Gridmanager, or reseating them.
Run an ioscan -fn to see the disk array
or simply reboot.
But the 2 SPs should be okay still. Have a look in the Error log
under 4- Maintenance information
from the main menu of the config interface of Gridmanager.
Serial line to the RS232 port of the FC30.
Make sure that SPA says the same as SPB interms
of hardware. The LUNs should be RDY on one SP and ENA on the

If you have onlineDiag installed do a tools-info-run on the h/w path, but of course this will only work if you see at least one element of the array, luns or controller.
From your ioscan do you see the FC30 controller or is it just the LUNs you're missing.

Would they be raid 3 by any chance.. RAID 3 requires specific type of
memory allocation. BBU is not necessary only for caching LUNs.

It works for me (tm)
Bob Inglis
Trusted Contributor

Re: Unable to access LUN's on FC30

Where exactly does it say "DISKARRAY OFFLINE"?
If on the presentation utility screen, what parameter is it next to?
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