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Unable to manage P2000 either through WebUI and CLI

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Unable to manage P2000 either through WebUI and CLI



Our MSA is working fine, we have 2 server connected to it and VMs stored on it.


Problem is, the webUIs are not responding, the cabling has been checked, no traffic possible between the 2 controllers and whatever we plug to it.

I went there and connected through usb. used CLI to check the network config: all was correct. I sent a restart command and then lost connection with the CLI as well.


Now, I have no way to manage this MSA. I'm feeling I'm stuck.

Do someone have an idea of what could have happend ?

What can/should I do now ? Should I call HP and have one or both controller replaced ?


Thanks for your lights!


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Re: Unable to manage P2000 either through WebUI and CLI

Hi, yeah I'd open a call with HP and see what they have to say. I find it unlikely that both controllers fail at the same time. More likely a software issue or perhaps midplane. Can you not contact either controller? Are there any leds on the controllers that indicate some kind of activity? Do you know what firmware they are running?

I'm not sure of the implication of doing this but one thing could try to do is to start the MSA with only one controller installed. 


Generally when the UI are not responding just restarting the 'mc' - management controller - is good enough.


Re: Unable to manage P2000 either through WebUI and CLI

Do a proper power cycle of the MSA and check the status.


I hope power supply to the MSA is proper.


If you have restarted the MSA....try to ping the IP address of the controllers.


In case of WEB GUI accessability issue only MC restart can resolve this issue.


When you say restart.........you have not mentioned what you have restarted.......mc or sc......if that then what is the outcome of it?

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