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Unable to release LU Path on XP24000.

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Unable to release LU Path on XP24000.


I am trying to release the path to a number of LUNs as the hosts will nolonger require access to the XP array.

I have removed all paths to all the hosts except one. When I try to release this I get a message stating that the host is mounted or the device is reserved.

The host is windows 2008 cluster. The disk has been removed from the cluster and disk manager sees it as offline.

The Lun was part of a CA pair but this has now been split and the status is SMPL. I have checked both BC and AutoLUN but there is no reservation there either.

Where else might this be reserved?


See attached error message.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.




Michael Leu
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Re: Unable to release LU Path on XP24000.

The XP will not let you release all the paths when there is still a SCSI reservation on the LU.

Try to clear the reservation with a tool like SCSIcmd.exe from Symantec as described for example in this Guide.