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Unbind LUN

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james gould
Frequent Advisor

Unbind LUN

Trying to unbind a LUN through SAM but am
unable to find the option. Can find the bind
option but no unbind.

Running on 11.0 hpux
Honored Contributor

Re: Unbind LUN

what is the disk array.
AutoRaid should be in the actions field as with fc60..
But use command line..
amcfg -l (lunnumber) -d (serial number)
arraycfg -l (lunnumber -d (serial number)

It works for me (tm)
Honored Contributor

Re: Unbind LUN

Hi James,

what kind of array are you using?
For autoraids(12H arrays), you can find the serial number of the array by issueing
arraydsp -i

arraydsp -i
(gives the configuration of the autoraid)

arraycfg -d -l
where is the lun you want to delete and is the serial num of the array

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Andreas Voss
Honored Contributor

Re: Unbind LUN


is your LUN displayed als unused in SAM ?
Before unbinding a LUN you have to vgreduce the LUN from a volume group.

james gould
Frequent Advisor

Re: Unbind LUN

Andreas was correct. The unbind will appear
once logical volume and volume group are
removed. Was able to highlight the LUN and
the unbind message appeared when in SAM.