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Universal Xport device

Michele (Mike) Alberton
Regular Advisor

Universal Xport device

Hi, I was installing from the usual tape HP-UX 11.0 on a new N4000 box attached to an FC60 array with three SC-10.
After installation doing an ioscan -funCdisk I found an additional device which I never saw in the previous installations:

disk 10 1/10/0/ sdisk CLAIMED DEVICE HP Universal Xport
/dev/dsk/c7t3d7 /dev/rdsk/c7t3d7

I guess it comes out of a new firmware of either the FC Adapter or the FC60 itself, since the tape I use is always the same..
Do you anything about this ?

Thanks in advance !
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Universal Xport device

What does this say:

# diskinfo /dev/rdsk/c7t3d7
Anyone for a Mutiny ?
Ceesjan van Hattum
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Universal Xport device

The management software of a HP FC60 (like SM60) need Universal XPort LUNs from each array to be assigned to a host running the Agent Service. Note that the agent host does not have to be the same host on which you run th Client GUI, because the client can administer FC60 arrays through remote agents.