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Unreliability - P2000 G3 FC

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Unreliability - P2000 G3 FC

P2000 G3 FC - almost a year old. 


Current TS250 FW


Fully supported configuration of FC CNA's, Cisco Nexus, Proliant Servers for hosts, HP OEM images of ESXi


3 controllers replaced in last 12 months.  


a seemingly old problem (circa 2008 HP Customer Advisory on PCIE LINK FAILURE/ CRASHING CONTROLLERS)


Anyone else having continual problems with this device?   I can certainly attest that the product I bought snuck out of HP qaulity control or perhaps the real-world abilities of this device don't exactly line up with the marketing / documentation.  


Its becomes quite a problem when you have to run your virtual servers on local host storage because your SAN simply can't deliver.   (2x citrix servers, an exchange box, a couple app servers, a couple domain controllers, etc).   IOPS loads on each server are in the low double digits, and seldomly hit 3 digits for IOPS.   Theres no big data, SQL clusters, etc etc.  Suzie got an email.....crash the controller!    whoops, storage vMotion a server from one lun to another....Crash the other controller which doesnt have ownership of the vDisk in which the storage vMotion is taking place.  


Engage HP support (Again) and round and round we go (AGAIN!).  


I would STRONGLY advise looking elsewhere if you need to actually RELY on your SAN for staying up, stable, and reliable.   If you have any critical system, or perhaps operate in a 24/7 environment....stay away from this product.   It will likely bite you.  

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Re: Unreliability - P2000 G3 FC

This saga now continues.  


months back, I was told to ensure that VAAI was deployed via VMWare Update manager.   Now HP tells me to make sure its not installed as it causes problems with P2000.    Thats when I was running VMWare ESXi 5.0u1.   I've since upgraded to 5.1 using the HP OEM images (to further eliminate any availability of HP saying something is out of compliance).  Funny, the OEM HP Images of VMWare ESXi have VAAI embedded in them and there is no mention that VAAI shouldnt be used with a P2000.    So which is it HP?  


I have never put this sort of information out for public view before, but after a year of do this, no wait dont do that, do this.  oh wait, thats wrong, no do this with HP support on this device....it's time to air the dirty laundry.