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Upgrade LC2 RAID Controller to SA-641

Occasional Contributor

Upgrade LC2 RAID Controller to SA-641

Proliant ML350 G2, Win 2000 Adv. Svr. SP4, 5 - 36GB Ultra3 SCSI Disks (176496-B22), LC2 Controller (RAID5), Ultrium 448 Tape Drive. (Dskt & CD, too.) This unit is our File Server and Active Directory primary DC.

Want to upgrade to SA-641 so we can use 5 - 146GB Ultra320 SCSI Disks (286716-B22). Is this a reasonable upgrade plan?

1. Backup with BackupExec or StorageWorks Data Protector Express - Single Server Edition.
2. Shutdown, install SA-641, Power Up.
3. Install drivers and firmware for SA-641, drivers and firmware for new disks. Verify that SA-641 is recognized by Windows.
4. Shutdown, unplug cable from LC2 and plug into SA-641, Power Up.
5. Verify that disk partitions look the same.
6. Shutdown, install new disks, Power up and restore system.
7. Test

If it's an OK plan, any tips or shortcuts would really be appreciated. Thanks.

Grzegorz Karnas
Occasional Advisor

Re: Upgrade LC2 RAID Controller to SA-641


In my opinion metadata on LC2 are not compatible witch SmartArray series controller and SA641 won't recognize your data and ... No system or disk error ...

Occasional Contributor

Re: Upgrade LC2 RAID Controller to SA-641

In article "HP Smart Array Controllers - How do I determine the migration route..."

it says that LC2 can be migrated to Smart-221, 431, 4200, 5300. If it can be migrated to these Smart Controllers, can it be migrated to SA-641?