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Upgrade from 3200 to 5302 Problems??

Occasional Contributor

Upgrade from 3200 to 5302 Problems??


I have a 6400r with 2 36G disks Raid 1. I was trying to upgrade from a 3200 Smart Array to a 5302 SA. When I do I get the BSOD (inaccesable boot volume) I went back to the 3200 and all is well. Any sugestions??

Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrade from 3200 to 5302 Problems??

Hi Patrick;

The 3200 and 5300 controllers use different drivers.

Try putting the 5300 controller into the system along with the 3200, running the CSP to install the driver for the 5300, then remove the 3200 controller and run the SCU at F10 to set the 5300 controller as the boot controller.

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