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Upgrade from Smart Array 221 to 431

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Upgrade from Smart Array 221 to 431

Our server is a Proliant 3000 (P III 500 MHz) with 256 Mb
Our HDD arrays configuration is: 2 disks RAID 1 acting as 1 logical drive containing OS and data, and 1 disk RAID 0 (1 logical drive) acting as a CD-ROM server.

I've purchased a Smart Array 431 controller because I wanted to extend the capacity of the first array with 2 extra disks, and then migrate to RAID 5.

I've tried to install the new controller last night: I encountered the following problems.
- following appendix E of the user guide ('upgrading from a Compaq single channel array controller'), I tried to install the OS drivers with the SSD from SmartStart CD (rel. 4.80). Unfortunately, the program didn't let me install the driver for the Smart Array 42XX/43X controller. All I could do was update the driver for the 221 (SMART/SMART 2). I updated everything that was possible, rebooted, but it didn't helped. I then tried to work around the problem by using the command line setup. I wrote a small program based on the "setup install array2" command. Error level returned 0 (success). So I thought that the driver was finally installed and proceded further with the installation.
Flashing the system ROM happened without a glitch, as the physical replacement of the 221 by the 431.
At reboot the 431 was successfully detected, as were the 2 logical drives. System configuration utility showed the 431 as 1st controller, so I saved the configuration as it was and tried to start the server.
Boot sequence of NT began normally (I could hear the HDDs accessing data) but halted at the blue screen with a STOP message (INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DISK) and a dump on the screen.
I booted with the SmartStart CD and checked array configuration, diagnostics,... Everything seemed normal. I guessed then that the 431 driver was missing/incomplete in NT.
I tried to start with the NT CD (repair). I selected only 'check boot sector', pressed S to add the driver of the 431. Driver was successfully added, but repair stopped a few seconds later because it couldn't detect any HD.

I had to reinstall the 221 and set it as 1st controller to get the server running again. Fortunately, I haven't lost the arrays configuration!

The 431 is still in the machine, and it is now possible to add the famous driver with the SSD program.

I plan to do the following to complete the installation:
-install the drivers
-connect the internal scsi cable back on the 431
-set the 431 as 1st controller with the system configuration utility
-save the configuration

Will it work? Do I miss something? May I remove the 221 board thereafter without problem?

Thanks for your advices
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Upgrade from Smart Array 221 to 431

Yes, it will work this way. I've done the same thing. Unfortunately I can't expand the array, neither migrate it to RAID 5. Really really bad thing. My customer is very upset since I "sold" a solution that doesn't work (yet). If you get any good news, let me know.