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Upgrading Existing Server

Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Upgrading Existing Server

I'm Upgrading an existing Server with a new Smart Array 431 Controller and 9.1 GB pluggable Scsi HD.

The server setup at the moment is proliant 1600 with 2 9gb Scsi drives RAID 3 disk Mirroring.....

Job to be completed...

Add a third drive to the Server and configure the system for RAID 5 utilising the new SMART Array controller.

Whats the procedure ......

Do I first add the new Controller physical and then boot with NT cd with F6 option add driver for NT. Then Shutdown and cable the SCSI devices to new controller. Do I press F8 on bootup and check that the new controller is set to the first boot device and reboot.

What about my new 9 GB scsi drive. How do I add to existing config ???
Ayman Altounji
Valued Contributor

Re: Upgrading Existing Server

The Smart 431 is not expandable with an existing raid level unless the raid level was originally configured with the Smart 431. The best method is to keep your existing configuration, upgrade you system Rom, SCU and the lattest ROM for the Smart 431. Install the Smart 431 w/out any drives configured with it and run SCU to have the card recognized. Boot into NT and install the driver and the NT4SSD's latest version. This method is used keeping original Raid level. Other method to have expansion capability from the Smart 431 is install the Smart 431 and your original Smart controller connected and install the driver for the Smart 431. Backup your OS and data, exit NT and power the system down. Remove cable from original configuration controller and attach to the Smart 431. Run the erase utility and Reconfigure system with lattest Smartstart and ACU. Check SCU to make sure the controller boot order of Smart 431 is first and then install NT and restore from backup.