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Upgrading RAID 5

Vitor Verdura
Occasional Visitor

Upgrading RAID 5


I have 3 disks of 16 Gb on a LC2000 in RAID5 config. I'm going to buy 3 more disks and I want to upgrade my space. Is there a way to do this smoothly? Like, remove 1 disk of 16 and put a bigger one in is place and then remove other, and other until replace them all? Leting, of course, in between the Rebuild of information!

If not, how can I do this with the minimal problems for my system?
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrading RAID 5

this is a not supported way to made the raid bigger, but it work. at the end, your logical drive will not be encreased anyway.
You will found additional drive space and wouls be able to make a new logical disk.
Esyest way is ad the new three disk in the bay ( as it can contain six disk) and create a second raid5, quicker solution and more space