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Urgent: MSA-60 replacement procedure needed

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Urgent: MSA-60 replacement procedure needed

We have a DL-380G5 with 4 MSA-60's daisy chained off a P800 card.  The server started ASR'ing two nights ago, and I have found that if I can keep the system from accessing the Logical Drive hosted on the Box #2 MSA-60, that it stays stable.  As soon as there is a drive letter and I/O is done on that array, the system reboots.


We have VM's living on one of the MSA-60's, so this is a huge issue when the server spontaneously reboots.


I have a spare MSA-60, but I'm not familiar with the proper procedure for swapping it out.  I don't want to lose any configuration.  


At boot-up, there are POST errors, saying that the firmware on Box #2 (which is the Array I'm having trouble with) needs a Firmware update.  I've already tried that, and it won't "take".  I also see that the backplane on this particular MSA-60 is very old, and according to HP support docs, the MSA-60 needs to be sent in to have the backplane upgraded.


I'd like to take my spare MSA-60, move all the drives to it, and hopefully be back up.


If I had to completely erase this array, it's not a deal breaker - the same data is on another server in another building.  I just don't know the proper way to swap out this unit, for our spare MSA-60.  We've never had to do this.


It's out of warranty, and we don't have any support on it.  We wouldn't be against paying for support (if HP would allow that)


I'm attaching the POST message.


Many thanks,