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Urging!: All 6 disks shows a red/amber solid light

Rene Doiron
Occasional Advisor

Urging!: All 6 disks shows a red/amber solid light

HP ProLiant DL380 G3
Controller #1: Smart Array 5i (2 physical disks of 36G each)
Controller #2: Smart Array 6400 (4 physical disks of 74G each)

History of problem:
After attempting a server restore from tape, I received a blue screen and the lights on all disks turned from green to solid amber/orange.
I then turned off the server and attempted to reboot. It is impossible to get the server to detect any disk I put in.

I even tried 2 brand new disks in the main array and it won't detect them.
When I try to create a new logical drive I get an error saying that there are no physical drive in the system.
I get the exact same problem on BOTH controllers.
I tried swapping the disks to different locations... nothing works

I updated the firmware using Smart Update 7.9... did not improve.

I used Smart Manager 7.9 to erase all configuration including CMOS. Same problem.

This is where I sit... Server will not detect any disk I put in, all disks gives a solid amber light.

I don't care about data lost, I just want the get the server up and running again. I can restore from tape later on.

Any help will be appreciated.
Víctor Cespón
Honored Contributor

Re: Urging!: All 6 disks shows a red/amber solid light

One question: All the disks are in the front of the server? Looks like you're using the disk backplane in duplex mode. Check the backplane connections, or it could be the backplane itself. Check that it is really set for duplex mode.
You have two independent controllers and have tried with several disks, so the problem is between ones and the others.