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Use FC60 shared by two nodes in HA cluster

Augusto Castro
Occasional Advisor

Use FC60 shared by two nodes in HA cluster

We plan to configure a cluster of two L2000 nodes sharing a FC60 disk array using a Fiber Channel switch 2800. This cluster will work as a database server running Oracle Parallel Server. Because the disk array is configured at 50% of its capacity, one of the managers is asking if we could share the FC60 with another node which is not running MC/Service Guard and add additional disk.

In other words, can I have three nodes sharing the FC60 disk array thru the switch but only two in HA mode (Mc/ServiceGuard - OPS) and the other using a different set of disk in the FC60?

What do you think are the implications of this configuration?

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| Mc/ServiceGuard Cluster |
| +-------+ +-------+ | +-------+
| | NodeA |-OPS-| NodeB | | | NodeC |
| +-------+ +-------+ | +-------+
+ - - + - - - - - - + - - + |
| | |
| +------o----+ |
+------o FC Switch o------+
| |
| FC60 |
|OPS raw data|
| NodeC data |
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Use FC60 shared by two nodes in HA cluster


We use a slightly different set up in that
we have two EMC 4700 clariion's and also a
4500 clariion also through a switch. The two
hosts which are configured into the switch
can see all of the disk drives that you allow

Server one is configured through the switch
to see all of the drives, but server two is
configured only to see only the drives in the
4500 unit.

From what I can see, unless there is some
software that you can use like Remote Manager
XP (for XP256 and XP512) units you will be
able to see all drives allocated to all
systems. The danger of this is that there is
the possibility you could overwrite a disk
belonging to a different server.

Anyone for a Mutiny ?
Honored Contributor

Re: Use FC60 shared by two nodes in HA cluster

there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to do this at all.
Even in a ha environment, with serviceguard, you can have certain disks shared and not included in your failover if you like.

What you need to test is that with the extra traffic going to the FC60, will your fail over load stay in an acceptable range seeing as you have added trafic.

You will also need to be very careful that the extra server selects disks/luns wisely so as not to destroy lvm information on the fc60.

It works for me (tm)