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Use of Surestore 2100 with RP 7400

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Adriaan Vorster
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Use of Surestore 2100 with RP 7400

Would it be possible to configure a Surestore 2100 with 4 by SCSI drives as a direct attached datastore to a HP 9000 RP7400 running HPUX 11i?
I intend to use the Surestore 2100 as a RAID5 array using the SCSI3 interface on the Surestore 2100 instead of fibre shannel.
What additional hardware and software would I need to accomplish this.
Rumour has it that there is no RAID support for the RP7400 under HPUX 11i.

Thank you
Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: Use of Surestore 2100 with RP 7400


You can do that for sure! You would need a hardware RAID controller preferably. The 4Si card (A5856A) does the job pretty well!

Follow this link for the installation guide for this card:


And... You can also install this on 11i. Follow the instructions on the manual :-)

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Insu Kim
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Re: Use of Surestore 2100 with RP 7400

Surestore disk system 2100 is a JBOD (Just Bunch of Disk) solution, not disk array indicating that RAID configuration in the box is not supported but you can make this possible with Raid 4Si HBA (Host Bus Adaptor).
Currently, Raid 4Si(HP A5856A) is supported on HP-UX 11.0, 11i and fully tested with rp7400.

The Raid 4Si can achieve data transfer rate of up to 266MB/sec across the PCI bus and up to to 80 MB/sec across each LVD channel.

The HP A5856A RAID 4Si controller comes with non-GUI (Graphical User Interface) RAID configuration tool called IRM (Internal RAID Manager). IRM, an HP-UX application tool, is used to configure physical SCSI disks into a RAID array. It is the primary administrative user interface for the RAID 4Si product.

The A5856A RAID 4Si card is compatible with Wide Low Voltage Differential (LVD) devices.

Hope this helps,
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