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Using Quick Split to replicate a BC

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Using Quick Split to replicate a BC

I'll try to be as clear as possible in describing the environment and then my question..


Arrays = XP24000 in both locations


We have 9 HPUX servers that i need to replicate the data on from one datacenter to another.  The data disks on these servers are setup with 2 business copies already.  One is synced nightly and then mounted on a backup server for tape streaming, the second is synced every hour and snapshotted after the resync.  My delema is trying to replicate this second business copy without throwing off the timing of the snapshots.  Is there a way i can use quick split to accomplish this?  The data being replicated does not need to be up to the second.  An hour behind is acceptable, but the closer i can get it to zero the better.  But not expecting to be able to do that.


Thanks in advance for any advice..