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Using drive from mirrored set (1+0)

Lon Pora
Occasional Contributor

Using drive from mirrored set (1+0)


I have a Proliant DL360 with SmartArray 5i with two physical drives (72.8gb x 2)configured as a RAID 1+0 logical drive. The OS is Win2k SP2. It is a server that is in production use.

I have a second server that is newly built, and identically configured. I need to quickly set this machine up for Disaster Recovery purposes offsite.

What I need to know is whether it would be possible for me to split the mirrored set on Server1 temporarily, and then use one of its physical drives to build the 2nd DR server.

Any help appreciated.

Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Using drive from mirrored set (1+0)

it might work (then you are just lucky) or it might not work - I have never heard that this is a supported operation, but I _have_ heard about failures.

Don't forget that a copy created this way will also give both servers the same SID! This can compromize your security and have other side effects.

I suggest you look for some kind of system cloning technology that is capable of changing the SID.