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VA 7000 series in a clustered environment

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Enrico Venturi
Super Advisor

VA 7000 series in a clustered environment

Dear colleagues,
I'm currently using the SC10 disk system in a MC/ServiceGuard cluster; the SC10 is being phased out; HP proposed to me the DS2405 + FC switch 8B: I validated it in my architecture then HP said "Ooops!! we're wrong! the switch isn't certified yet!!" and proposed to me the VA7000 series ... I??ve seen that VA7000 can be connected in a cluster configuration by a switch / hub, my qyestion is: what the supported switch for VA7000 ? if it's the FC switch 8B why it's supported for VA but it isn't supported for DS?
thanks a lot

in my opinion it's just matter of HP commercial strategy!
Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: VA 7000 series in a clustered environment


The VA supports Brocade switches, including the 8b and 16b, which are made by Brocade.

The switch is supported with the VA and not the DS because the DS has not yet been tested in that configuration. (actually, testing is in progress, last I heard).

Testing has to be performed in stages, as we just don't have enough resources to test every possible configuration at the same time. So, we test what we think will sell the most first. The more we think it will sell, the faster it gets tested. Conversely, configurations that we don't think will sell well (ie: most customers will not want this config) get tested last.

The DS in a switch environment is one of these configurations.

So, you are correct - it's a matter of HP commercial strategy - but it's not designed to force you to spend more money... it's just a matter of managing resources.

Good luck,

No matter where you go, there you are.
Enrico Venturi
Super Advisor

Re: VA 7000 series in a clustered environment

Many thanks for your response.
I'm just a bit disappointed because we're convinced to validate the DS2405 then we knew that there isn't a switch available for it!

Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: VA 7000 series in a clustered environment

Be sure to get Brocade switch from HP. It will have HP firmware, HP label in the front and all licenses already installed :o)