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VA 7100 Help Pleasse

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Steven Chen_1
Super Advisor

VA 7100 Help Pleasse


Due to power outage, I see some problem on va7100:

1) one enclosure (init failed)
2) one disk (init failed)

I would like to know if both are bad, or just one being one way on the other.

Also, if we replace disk, we don't have to do anything other than replacing and inserting it to slot. Doesn't it?

The VA and db stuff are still working and nothing is lost.

Please help.


Honored Contributor

Re: VA 7100 Help Pleasse

Usually if the disk inside the enclosure gets status as "init failed", then the enclosure would reflect the same status.

Hence most probably, in your case the disk status is problem. It may be a case the drive format got corrupted or the worst case the drive itself got bad (media problem) in lieu of the power outage.

If the drive format is a problem , then it could formatted by the VA provided "Auto Format Drive " option is ON once the drive is re-inserted.

Check out this link as well

What is the disk LED status?
What you see in the armdsp output?
Steven Chen_1
Super Advisor

Re: VA 7100 Help Pleasse

The lights are both green and yellow on the VA.

The armdsp shows:

Enclosure at M
Enclosure ID__________________________0
Enclosure Status______________________Init Failed

Disk at M/D1:
Status:_______________________________Init Failed
Disk State:___________________________Init Failed
Vendor ID:____________________________HP 36.4G
Product ID:___________________________ST336607FC
Product Revision:_____________________HP03
Data Capacity:________________________512 bytes (1 blocks)
Block Length:_________________________0 bytes
Node WWN:_____________________________20000004cfdf58e0
Initialize State:_____________________Not Ready
Redundancy Group:_____________________65536
Volume Set Serial Number:_____________0000000000000000
Serial Number:________________________.T.8.T.8.T.8
Firmware Revision:____________________HP03


Any comments? I am interested to know if inserting disk could do the repair.
stephen peng
Valued Contributor

Re: VA 7100 Help Pleasse

i prefer to pull out that disk and insert it into the same slot again to check whether there is hardware problem, but, replacing a new disk is a more safety methode.
Steven Chen_1
Super Advisor

Re: VA 7100 Help Pleasse

Stephen, have you tried to pull out the drive online?

Honored Contributor

Re: VA 7100 Help Pleasse

Looking at the armdsp output, you see the block length as 0 bytes ( should be 520 bytes ) and data capacity is 512 bytes ( should be around 33 GB ) and it's status is Not Ready. I would suspect the disk is gone bad and you need to replace it.

More insight of the problem could be known from "logprn" output as it shows complete event details.

I would not expect any problem in trying to re-insert the disk online atleast with this state. You probably would get the same status ( armdsp and logprn ). But the better option would be to get the disk replaced with new disk drive.

Ensure that you have disk firmware of the new disk drive at the same version as that of other drives.