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VA 7400+ CMDVIEWSDM A.1.07.00

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Nguyen Anh Tien
Honored Contributor

VA 7400+ CMDVIEWSDM A.1.07.00

My VA have 9 disks ,6 free slot
I want add 5 disk more to a LUN (from 5 new disk)to store data in 8 day. after 8 day i intend to remove that LUN and take 5 disk out.
I consider for data consistency in 9 old disk.
and how to create a LUN from 5 new disks. how to remove it?
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Re: VA 7400+ CMDVIEWSDM A.1.07.00


As you have got the command view installed, run launcher from any x windows or from a xwindow emulating software. Default user name is Administrator and password is Administrator. Its all graphical, to include the disks, creating the luns and everything.
All the best.

or you can use armmgr, armcfg to manage the array. man pages has lot of information on this.

with best wishes
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Jan de Vries

Re: VA 7400+ CMDVIEWSDM A.1.07.00

You cannot assign disks to a lun but only to a RG, redundancy group.
When you have deleted the luns again be sure to take out ONE disk from each redudancy at the same time and let rebuild complete before touching another disk.
Bharat Katkar
Honored Contributor

Re: VA 7400+ CMDVIEWSDM A.1.07.00

I would suggest to create new LUN of this 5 disk. This is pretty simple thr' SDM and it's GUI is user friendly. Then create new VG and add this LUN to that VG. Create LV's on this LUN and filesystems on this LV's, mount filesystems and start using the space.

Thr' SDM you can select 5 new disk, remember the slots you have inserted disks into and select accordingly and create the LUN.

Hope this is what you are expecting.


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Bharat Katkar
Honored Contributor

Re: VA 7400+ CMDVIEWSDM A.1.07.00

Sorry i forgot the later part of your question. Now after using it you want to remove it.
Suppose you have created VG vgxx and LUn you have created is LUNxx

# vgexport vgxx
This will remove the VG, LV's on the vgxx and Filesystem on this LV's created on new 5 disks.

Then go to SDM delete the LUN of this 5 disks which you called it as LUNxx

You need to know a lot to actually know how little you know
Peter Mattei
Honored Contributor

Re: VA 7400+ CMDVIEWSDM A.1.07.00

Be careful!
The VA will redistribute all data across the new disks. The new LUNs you create will also be distributed on all available disks! This is a great feature and helps avoiding hot spots!

So, if at the end you really want to remove the disks, do it from Command View.
Offline just one disk per Redundancy Group (RG) at a time.
RG1 contains all odd disks while RG2 hosts all even disks!
After the the disk has been taken offline the VA goes normal and you can remove it.
Then proceed with the next one.

If you are unsure, have a look at the VA manuals!

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