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VA 7410 array - Balancing taking a long time

james gould
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VA 7410 array - Balancing taking a long time

Not sure if I am having a problem on the array or not. Replaced bad drive (146gb with total of 10) on the system Thursday night and the balancing is still running. There was some activity with users getting on during the day and edits taking place so I understand if the balancing would be taking longer. Database is still up and running but no user activity taking place other than some reads. Also received error 400 on the array of a contoller tick and an i/o had to be aborted, not sure if a problem or not.
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Re: VA 7410 array - Balancing taking a long time

It has been about 36 hours right? It is not unusual to take this long with a 146GB drive. Take a look at the the disk itself and see if there is i/o activity on it (intense blinking light) Also look at the array status using the commandviewVA tools. It should give you a lot more details about what is happening. From the attachment it looks like you have an HPUX server attached, so run the "armdsp -a " command on the server.