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VA Hangs with Linux AS2.1 & Qlogic HBA's

Declan McCann_2
Occasional Contributor

VA Hangs with Linux AS2.1 & Qlogic HBA's

My customer has two AS2.1 servers connected happily to a VA7410 using two FCA2214 Qligic HBA's in each system. They have recently added another 2 DL380 server's running the same kernel, 2.4.9-e25, and using the same HBA's but this time the VA hangs soon after either one of the new server's is booted. The array is unresponsive and to reboot it the power cable must be unpluged. All the HBA's have F/W ver 1.29 and are using the Linux driver ver. 6.04.01. They also use SanSurfer to manage failover and load balanceing.

If anyone has seen these symptoms before or has any idea's on it I would be very greatfull.

Tim Sanko
Trusted Contributor

Re: VA Hangs with Linux AS2.1 & Qlogic HBA's

I actually saw two HBA's with the sam WWN. One from HP and one from someone else. Merely plugging in them bith would cause the same kind of symptom...

Bernhard Mueller
Honored Contributor

Re: VA Hangs with Linux AS2.1 & Qlogic HBA's


do they have FC switches, or did they connect the new machines to the free host ports on the VA. If this is the case, did you check the host port behaviour for that ports? By default it is set to HP-UX.

I think that would be
armmgr -B Linux M/C2.H2
for host port 2 on controller 2

Also I *believe* the QL HBAs are 2GBit capable, if not you would have to change the port speed as well.