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VA/Nike Performance Utility

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VA/Nike Performance Utility

The problem I am having is with a VA-7400 array. As background I have a software vendor that is updating their software. As it stands, all their old data is on a Nike array and all their new data is on the VA-7400. The vendor is complaining about performance issues on the VA-7400 as compared to the Nike array. When I ask what they are using to justify their claim they waltz around the question. My question is there a utility that I can run to compare throughput on the Nike verses the VA-7400? I am running 11.0 on a K-580.
Leif Halvarsson_2
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Re: VA/Nike Performance Utility


Postmark is a tool to mesure filesystem performance, you can get it from:

Another good performance test is to run a backup to a fast device (or to /dev/null).

Chuck J
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Re: VA/Nike Performance Utility

You can use a tool such as GPM (Glance Plus?) which can report disk utilisation.

Let me check my docs as I may have something more.

Chuck J
harry d brown jr
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Re: VA/Nike Performance Utility


have a look at this thread:


live free or die
Live Free or Die
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Re: VA/Nike Performance Utility

Anyone experiencing performance problems with the VA should upgrade the firmware to HP17 and the latest Command View management software. Then, enable the new pre-fetch algorithm. This combination can have dramatic results for highly utilized systems, or low concurrency sequential workloads.

Try it, let me know what happens
Don Capps

Re: VA/Nike Performance Utility

One could use Iozone to get performance data. This is my favorite I/O tool.
See: www.iozone.org