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VA Redundancy Groups

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VA Redundancy Groups

We have a VA 7410 with a main array controller and 2 disk enclosures. There are two redundancy groups set up, both of which are the same size and are nearing maximum allocation.

On redundancy group 1 we currently have a 450GB LUN which we need to increase in size to 650GB. We have space in the arrays to add new disks, but at the moment if we add new disks they are alternatively added to each of the two redundancy groups.

Is there any way I can add new disks and state which redundancy group they belong to? Will it cause a problem if the two redundancy groups are of such different sizes?

Any help you can provide would be gratefully appreciated.
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Re: VA Redundancy Groups


all the even slots are connected to one redundancy group, all odd slots belong to the other.

BTW, resizing a LUN is not possible.

What is your OS?

Hope this helps!

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Bill Costigan
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Re: VA Redundancy Groups

odd numbered slots - redundency group #1
even numbered slots - redundency group #2